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Nike Dunk High - ‘Fossil Stone’ (W)

Nike Dunk High - ‘Fossil Stone’ (W)


Enter the world of stylish footwear with Peter Moore's design, the Nike Dunk High ‘Fossil Stone’. Fashioned for women and built entirely from quality leather. This wonderful shoe boasts a sail-colored base layer topped with beige overlays that match its midsoles perfectly —a cohesion in color palette that makes it easily pairable.

The monochromatic hues are beautifully troubled by an assertive black swoosh along its side, partnering elegantly with a matching heel tab adding dynamism to your steps! Plus, have you seen the tongue? It’s engineered using white mesh material as if creating harmony amongst tones was always meant to be this effortless!

But let us not forget—the trim on these shoes is remarkable—it graces alongside laces and robust rubber outsoles drenched admirably in nothing other than our favorite fossil stone shade. A true balance between subtleness and chic-modern ethos…now guess who brings home all admiring gazes at parties?!

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