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Nike SB Dunk Low - ‘Mummy’

Nike SB Dunk Low - ‘Mummy’


Unravel the thrills of Halloween with Nike Dunk Low Pro "Mummy," a playful blend of surprises, spooks and sparkle that perfectly capture the spirit of All Hallows' Eve! This dazzling design is built on 2019's smashing success - The "'Night of Mischief' Dunk Low". However, this year brings an original twist by brightly illuminating your path; glow-in-the-dark detailing lights up not only at vamp section but also intensifies fervously through tongue labels towards its vibrant mid/outsole.

As dark descends into dusk & stars pop out in revelry –swallowed whole within exotic twists from Egyptian aesthetics– get trotted away to ancient times. Each pair features unique sock-liner designs adding shocks aplenty for both left-footers as well right-handed dribblers. Crowned finally with misty Coconut Milk raw suede overlays, watch them peel back over time —just like creepily wrapped bandages— tricking everyone gently before revealing contrasting stitches playfully tattooed edge-to-edge while hiding one last electrifying blast waiting beneath all layers... Let’s hear then heartbeats pulsate once snugged inside our scariest yet comforting embrace!

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