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Nike Dunk Low - ‘Plum Eclipse’

Nike Dunk Low - ‘Plum Eclipse’


Say hello to the fresh and stylish Women's Dunk Low 'Plum Eclipse' by Nike. It showcases a sleek, dual-toned design composed of an off-white Coconut Milk suede outer further enhanced with deeply hued Plum Eclipse detailing in crinkled leather. The grandeur of these natural tones gets even more eye-catching contrast from their clean white, rubber midsole - designed using stitch-reinforced edging for durability along with foam padding inside that ensures all-day comfort on your feet.

The shoe doesn't neglect traction either – it comes equipped with a semi-clear gum-colored outsole which isn’t just appealing but also features a clever latticework pattern inspired by basketball court moves you can make anywhere! This allowed players maximum control when making quick twists and turns on the hardwood floor- talk about both beauty and functionality combined impressively!

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