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Nike Dunk Low - ‘Pink Teddy’ (W)

Nike Dunk Low - ‘Pink Teddy’ (W)


Remodeled into an ultra-soft version, the Nike Women's Dunk Low 'Pink Teddy Bear' adds plush luxury to vintage style. Pink knit material seamlessly blends with matching suede trim and a neutral-toned leather Swoosh on its upper portion. The collar and tongue are coddled by soft velveteen fabric for supreme comfortability during wear.

This shoe model carries distinct branding elements such as a suede tag embellished onto the side-Swoosh logo emblem along-with adopting teddy bear insignia impressed upon each heel towards inner sides of footwear– creating artistic bearing uniqueness it presents admirably well in conformation unlike standard stylizations seen customarily.

Complementing this is rubber underlay offering grip built-in beneath clear white midsole base making up bottom part which further intensifies textural contrasts too while providing sturdy stepping support - designed practically ensuring safer moves at ease every time.

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