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Born X Raised x Nike SB Dunk Low

Born X Raised x Nike SB Dunk Low


Communities are characteristically shaped by individuals who promote and uphold their distinct culture. Born X Raised, a Los Angeles brand initiated in 2013 by Chris "Spanto" Printup alongside Alex "2Tone" Erdmann enshrines the dynamic essence of its community through events as well as cultural symbols like clothing and films they churn out.

Embodied in the recurring "On The Turf" message found on both its tongue label and heel, the Nike SB Dunk Low Born X Raised channels an earthy yet progressive outlook inspired by block-by-block urban experience. This is evident through incorporating typography, colors and various quirks intrinsic to LA’s street scene into all facets of its design scheme. Taking off with city hue inspirations from Los Angeles's historic color palette decked out tastefully with splashes of vibrant pink along custom artwork akin to iconic bandana motifs prevalent throughout tumultuous '80s-'90s era.

Signifying intricate nuance bound within bustling city life itself, it showcases a high-quality full-grain leather upper marked distinctly by a plateful of daringly contrastive attributes: A changeable Swoosh logo complementing back tags plus punctured front sections meeting top eyelets; Embroidered pieces harmonizing seamlessly against sock liner graphics symbolizing legendary Venice pavilion scenes are among many creative strides taken advantageously under this unique proposition called “Born x Raised.” Zoom down towards more intriguing elements such as subtle prints hinting at heartfelt lacing reads that go like -- "In Loving Memory". Here we have one brand unabashed about honoring yesteryears while always focusing forward—a testament cemented further via Birth X Raise Dunk lineage's unwavering commitment treating heritage preservation deployed alongside driving future-forward motion simultaneously!

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